Thursday, April 2, 2015

Project #walk365 {March}

What a difference a day makes! Sunny, 40 degrees, no wind or snow. Missing two layers that I needed to stay warm yesterday. 1.5 miles.

Just out doing my thing. 1.6 miles today.

My walk tonight was cold and windy! 25* with 15 mph wind. 1.06 miles. 

1.12 miles today. 28 degrees and sunny but that breeze is cold! 

I didn't even notice my walk yesterday brought me to the 80 mile mark! Tonight I walked 1.22 miles in 25 degrees. Looking forward to warmer weather! #walk365

Walked with my sweeties today! 1.21 miles, warm and sunny. 83+ total miles this year. Today completes an 8-week streak! 

My boys, MIL and two dogs were my walking buddies in the Ozarks today. 1.4 miles in 60 degrees and mud!

My MIL and I walked a mile down the road today. Our motto was to just get it done!

Can you see the path? I walked 1.19 miles in the woods following a path my FIL made. Kinda cool now that he's gone.

The Ozarks are ready for spring. 1.25 miles today.

I only went .68 miles today, but it included raking off the path in the woods. That's hard work!

My walk yesterday was a quick jaunt up and down Main St. in Salem, MO. My .6 miles brought my total to 90 this year!

I followed my middle boy and our dog along Grandpa's path in the woods. 1 more mile of #walk365. Today also marks 9 weeks without missing a day!

We're having a heatwave! It's 80 in March. Our 1-mile walk was hot and sweaty!

I didn't get to my walk until 8 pm and it was only mostly dark! One more mile toward #walk365

Wednesday's walk involved sunshine and a good chat with my friend! 2 more miles of #walk365.

One in the stroller, one walking, three on bikes. Sometimes walks with the kids (mine + daycare) kill two birds with one stone! 1 mile of #walk365.

Just me and 5 kids on my #walk365. 2 miles on a beautiful spring day!

Today's walk was with the whole family and in perfect 70* weather. It's also the century mark for me, and completes a 10-week streak! 100 miles of #walk365!

I so enjoyed my walk today! A good chat with my friend, warm sunshine on our faces, and signs of spring in the neighborhood! 2.5 miles.

It's a gray day out, but I took my boys on my walk with me to look for signs of spring. We found daffodils, crocuses, and this magnolia in our own backyard.

The benefit of putting off my walk until late was I didn't have to be out in the rain! One more mile of #walk365.

The grass is turning green! My 2+ mile walk was cold, but such is spring. #walk365

Two shorter walks brought my total to two miles today! Both times it was something I'd normally drive to. Yay! #walk365

There are plenty signs of spring, but these white specks aren't dandruff! #walk365 1.5 miles today, 111 miles this year.

Enjoyed the sunshine on my 2 mile walk today. This completes 12 weeks of walking every day without missing! 

Enjoying the heat of a jungle! Counting mileage at the zoo is totally legal. Runkeeper didn't keep up, but MapMyWalk figured it to be over 2 miles. I'll take it. 

I ended up taking a short walk yesterday because the kids got an invitation to play in a friend's backyard. That's important too! 1/2 mile of #walk365.

Last walk of the month! I'm somewhere around 43 miles in March for a total of over 120 miles this year. Runkeeper won't update. 

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