Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Life Lately {June}

Well, shoot! Here it is, July already. I'm ok with that, it's just that I didn't blog in June. I seriously don't mean to do that! And I hate it when that happens. Not that there's nothing to blog about, it's just that life is busy and there are lots of balls I'm trying to keep in the air and I can't do them all at once. It seems like if I'm homeschooling, then I'm not cooking or keeping up with laundry. If I blog, I don't exercise, if I babysit a lot, I don't homeschool... I'm sure you know how that is. 

I love that saying I've seen posted on Facebook and Pinterest lately: Not my circus, not my monkeys! Well, these are and it is. And I love it! I wouldn't have it any other way, except a few more monkeys! I just love them, and they're so much fun! 

Let's see. June was full of signs, healthy coffee, snacks for kids, the park, more signs, iced tea...  I had someone local contact me through my Etsy store about selling my signs at her shop! I'm super excited about the opportunity and was able to make 12 signs in two weeks. The store is called Kindred and it's in Grand Island, about an hour away from Lincoln. It's actually where my husband lived for awhile growing up! Anyway, I have a whole post about the signs I made and will be adding to my Etsy store in the near future. Apparently it takes lots of iced beverages and the occasional pretty skirt to pull that off.

Speaking of my monkeys... They keep growing. And getting tan! And my oldest, Jonathan, got glasses! Apparently, he really needs them. I'm hoping they'll help. He was so brave at the optomitrist! I let him pick out his own frames--they are not at all what I would have chosen, but I wanted him to have something he likes since he has to wear them all the time. He usually does wear them and only sometimes complains that they're in the way.

The sunrise pictures are from my early morning walk. I've been going a lot more frequently, although after our mini-vacation over the 4th I haven't gotten back out there. On days I go I'm SO glad and it's pretty and I feel good getting something good-for-me checked off the list, but it's 4 miles around the lake which just about wears me out for the day. Hopefully that won't always be the case.

For Mother's Day I got a picnic table, and for Father's Day, we got Gary a little fire pit! We've had a couple marshmallow-roasting sessions, but usually the weather is already roasting without adding a fire! And it's not dark until after 9 PM. Hopefully we'll be able to use it more in the fall. We definitely use the backyard a lot! The boys and their daycare friends spend some time there every morning and afternoon, although it does get hot and buggy. Some days we declare it a water day and hook up the sprinkler or slip 'n slide. Sometimes by evening it's cooled off enough to enjoy supper al fresco!

There are lots of lakes around Lincoln. We've spent time at two of them, canoeing, camping, playing in the sand and water, or reading and enjoying an iced tea while you watch from the shore. Hey, I'll take my quiet moments when I can!

We've also had a lot of rain this summer. It's not uncommon to have thunderstorms after a hot day, but we haven't had to wait in the basement much. Things are very green and our garden is happy! I'll try to get some pictures of our cute little landscape garden for you. I'm looking forward to tomatoes and cucumbers!

So, there you go! June according to Instagram! What have you been up to this summer? What do you do to beat the heat?

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