Monday, February 10, 2014


Hello my pretties!

I've been cleaning house. Not my real house, my blog! I've decided that if I'm going to re-focus my target audience, I'm going to make a few changes around here.

Also I was bored.

So if you're reading in a reader and want to see the updates, click on over! But oh yeah, my main target is my future self, so, yeah. Hi self!

Just to clear this up, if you're still wondering, life has changed and I can't do so much DIY, I don't have time or the budget for extra crafts, we're renting and that doesn't avail itself to much home improvement, we're downsizing so I cant show you my awesome deals and updated rooms with thrifted or antiqued treasures. I'm just me.

Living this life.


I want my blog to reflect that.

I've taken away AdSense. Whew! What a relief! I never made money off of it anyway. In fact, this blog could easily stand as the poster child of what not to do if you want to make your blog a business.

Can I just say I've read a million of these posts? How to Make Money Blogging. Let me just say, those women must be dedicated! At the time my son's nursery was posted (two years ago) and I did a couple other room re-dos, I was spending about two hours a day blogging, not to mention the hands-on time for the projects I was doing. It was hard work! I loved it, but felt to make money blogging I had to spend even more time, write about topics I didn't care about, and network by linking and linking and linking--all of which is time consuming! And link parties are nice, but to be honest I would spend so much time linking to parties and linking back and visiting other party goers that I didn't have time for what was important to me.

So. If you want to make money blogging, don't read this blog! If you want to look at cool projects, I have quite a few in the archives. I can hope to have more in the future, but no promises. I'm blogging for me now, and the things I care most about are a little trio of boys who all call me mama!


  1. Good for you, Ellie. I blog for myself, too. I have never done linky parties nor have I done the AdSense things. I think you have to be really dedicated to making blogging a huge priority in your life if you want to make an income from it. xo Diana

  2. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. Good for you! Blog for yourself and blog ONLY when you have time. Real life is always better. I consider my blog a family heirloom. My recipes, my memories, my pictures of my kids growing up, my thoughts, feelings, prayers, hopes and dreams will live on and hopefully be something my six kids can access long after I am gone. I blog for me too! I used to be consumed with it. God freed me from that and now I am waaaaay more balanced. Blessings!



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