Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Day at the Orchard!

This post is for the grandmas and grandpas out there. Specifically the ones related to the cute little buggers in the following pictures, but you borrowed ones and anyone else who's curious is welcome to join along on our little adventure to the apple orchard!

Edited: I completely meant to include these three pictures from my cell phone in this post! Cute little cuties!!! They each posed themselves at this cute display up by the barn.

A couple weeks ago we were invited to join a group of homeschooling moms and their kids to go apple picking at Martin's Hillside Orchard near Lincoln, NE. It was a cold day, but so very pretty too!

Who's the king of the mountain?! The boys had so much fun climbing up this hay bale mountain!

There was some apple picking, of course. These are Jonathan apples, being picked by my Jonathan. :) I remember before he was born and after we'd picked his name, we decided not to tell anyone what the name was until Jonathan was born. We were saying goodbye to Gary's parent's after a weekend at their house and they were probing for hints on the baby's name. We called him Nebuchadnezzar, by the way. Anyway, short story long... we were standing quite near a box of Jonathan apples, trying really hard not to look that direction, or have the parents look over there and ask if that was the name!!!

There was lots of apple eating too. I'm not sure how many each of the boys ate, but it seemed every time I looked, they had one in their hands!

There is nothing better than a crisp, cold apple picked straight from the tree and enjoyed outside!

We wandered over to the Yellow Delicious and those had to be tested as well.

The orchard also had a corn maze, hay bale towers, a rope swing, picnic tables, and this sandbox with dry corn instead of sand.

Yes, Jonathan is pretending to eat it. No, I can't imagine why. He also managed to bring home a handful in his pocket. The part that didn't go through the wash is now in a Lego "storehouse" where the story of Joseph is regularly reenacted.

The boys enjoyed lunch on top of a hay bale. I enjoyed lunch at the picnic table with the moms while one of their awesome daughters helped the boys open bags and manage juice boxes. Love her!

We bought a few pounds of apples, made a couple crisps as well as some pancake topping, and the rest are being used as a fall display on the kitchen table. Sadly, our display is dwindling as apples make awesome snacks! 

The time at the orchard passed so quickly we never did make it over to the pumpkin patch!

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