Monday, September 23, 2013

Home Sweet Home: Nebraska Edition

Ooops, I did it again!

Sorry for the song in your head, but I'm sure I played with your heart over the last month or more. Yes, we moved. Again. And when we move I drop off the face of the blogging earth for awhile. A month is my average.

I would know, because we've moved like four times in the last year. Oy! We're getting really good at it, and every time we shed more stuff. But anyway, that's not what I wanted to ramble on about tonight. I just wanted to check in, say how we're doing and show you a quick BEFORE tour of our newest home.

We are now in Lincoln, Nebraska, a place I remember visiting twice as a little girl. The first time it was miserably hot; the second time was dangerously cold. As an adult I got a quick driving tour one summer as we drove through the state, and last summer we stopped here for lunch on our way to California. Gary, on the other hand, practically grew up here! His parents worked at a school not far from Lincoln and quite a few of Gary's friends still live here. Gary even went to school and worked here for a while.

Now Gary is working for one of his friends. He enjoys his work and we're available on weekends to raise our support team for our mission to the British Isles! Because of Gary's connections, we've already visited several churches and are booked solid for the month of October. Our team is growing and that's encouraging! If you want to know more about our mission, you can "like" us on Facebook--look for Celtic 5--or email me your address (either email or snail mail) and we will put you on our mailing list.

SO. We found this house in a quiet neighborhood and it just felt like home! It was our third day of looking and by mid-afternoon the next day, we were moving in! Before we unloaded the truck, I did a quick walk-though taking pictures of the new place. Remember it's a rental and we're not here to make changes and updates, but I do have a passion to make places feel and look like home. I'm planning to blog three or four times a week to show you how we've personalized each space.

Now on to the BEFORE tour!

Split-level Entry and Stairs:

Living Room:

Eat-in Kitchen:


Bedroom 1:

 Bedroom 2:

Hall Closet:

Upstairs Bathroom:

 Bedroom 3 (downstairs):


Bonus/Family Room:

Storage/Laundry Room with 2nd Bathroom:

What do you think? Does it look like somewhere you could call home? It sure did to us, and we snatched it up. We like the neutral but current paint colors, the hardwood floors upstairs, the blinds on all of the windows, the bonus bathroom and family room, and the fact that the basement isn't scary and unfinished. There's also lots of mature trees, a mostly-fenced backyard, a covered patio and a garage. Our neighborhood is quiet and friendly and the boys and I are enjoying our daily walks. We're one mile from Target (um, that could be a problem!) and about five minutes from TWO churches of our denomination. All-in-all, our first 6 weeks in Lincoln have been good ones and I'm looking to sharing more with you!

Like, tomorrow--you should see the first room I'm going to share! I'm super excited!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the transformation! You have a gift and are an inspiration. Have fun creating "home"!



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