Monday, January 24, 2011

Stuff & Nonsense

I've been a bad blogger. Again. It's not the lack of inspiration, it's motivation that's been keeping me away!

I've been working on this: 

And it's beautiful! I'm so in love with how it's turning out! Just some poly and putting the handles back on the drawers and it'll be done! 

Then there's this to finish:

Just wish our garage wasn't below freezing so I could sand it...

My husband hung crown molding in the bathroom:

Gorgeous! Hello beautiful DIY bathroom on a budget! Of course most of the work was done two years ago and the pictures are hiding somewhere on the internet... Cuz they say things on your computer never really go away, you just don't know how to get to them. Right?

Meanwhile, we're in part of the country experiencing sub-arctic temperatures. That means some loooong days at home for me and the boys! Don't they look a little cabin-fevered?

My husband read about an experiment where you boil water then take it outside in the sub-zero temps and fling some in the air. 
Cool, eh? Kinda like a snow machine. It was -13 without calculating the windchill at sunrise (7 ish).

There's more, but I promise to be a better blogger and actually post stuff as it happens, kay?


  1. your husbands experiment is kind of how they make snow for the mountains here. That is when we don't have any which we have plenty of and we too are -13 with out the wind chill I hate it! Your boys are so cute. Stay warm

  2. I need to do some water flingin' around here! I always think that looks so cool.

    Why does it have to be BOILING water I wonder? I'm gonna experiment and see what happens if it's just tap water - - -



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