Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trash to Treasure

When the weather got warm enough a few weeks ago, my almost 3-year-old and I started exploring our barn. We inherited this barn when we bought the property. It's cool and old and I like how it looks, but it doesn't have a bright future. The foundation is cracked and not worth it to us to fix up.

So after spending WAY too much time browsing DIY blogs (so inspirational!) I looked at the junk in the barn with completely new eyes.

Suddenly I saw the dirty old window frame...

And the large metal bucket (now repurposed)...

And the coolest old watering can! (It used to look a lot like the metal bucket.)

Sorry, no before pics--I just wasn't that cool! I spray-painted it white, but it was too white and clean. (I did wash it out first--it was found in a barn and still faintly smells of barn, even tho I used bleach!) I'm new to this and live an hour from the nearest Lowe's (seriously!), so I had to use what was on-hand. I used a paper towel to rub on brown paint, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then washed it off in the sink. Not very scientific, but I love the result!

I also found this very cool, weathered, beaten, used board, complete with stains and nails!

I love it! I used a wee little handsaw (need to work on my power tool inventory and skill set!) to trim down one end that wasn't even, then used a small (cheap!) sponge brush to write the words with white kitchen paint. I free-handed it and I think the random results are pretty cool. I thought, once again, that it was too white, so I lightly sanded over the words to make them a little blurry and smudgy--I'm sure that's a word--then outlined one side of the letters with black sharpie. My MIL wants me to do one for her!

There are more 'treasures' out there in that cool old barn, I'm sure. I'm waiting for another field trip with my favorite little guy to get my creativity flowing!



  1. First-welcome to blogging! I think you're gonna love it. Second-old barn? I would have thought I died and went to heaven! Tearing it down? Maybe you should look at whatever house projects you might have. Maybe you can salvage some of that grand ole wood. Sand or plane it and you have instant aged beautiful wood! Third, I love your artwork also. It's very cool!

  2. Welcome to the bloggy world! I love what you found and repurposed. Who needs a Lowe's when you have a cool old barn! Great job! I can't wait to see what else you do!

  3. Welcome to the blogging world. Thanks for following my blog! Blogging is fun but I find I am always trying to keep a perspective, it can be take over if you let it.
    As for your barn -ooo -I am curious to see what you unearth. My in-laws have a cattle ranch here in Canada and when they moved onto the property she found old medicine bottles, washstand, old windows and a butter churn!
    Have fun!

  4. Yeah a new blog!!! You have some great treasures in this post! Keep blogging away with more awesome posts like this!!!

  5. Welcome, fellow blogger! You'll really like it! I love to be inspired by other bloggers too! It's like you see things in a whole new way. Oh, and thank you for following me! I am kinda new at this bloggin' thing too, so new followers always make my day!

  6. Welcome to blogging! I'm relatively new too having started in January. Thanks for following mine. Wow, an old barn full of stuff. That would be awesome. I'd love to have the old barnwood for projects. Have fun blogging! I'll be checking in.

  7. So cool that you found so many neat treasures in your barn! My favorite is the sign you made...what a great piece! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have to share. :o)

  8. Hi, Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I am honored that you are following my blog...I am now your newest follower! :) I love the sign you made. I've always wanted that verse hanging in my house...just haven't "done" it yet! Looking forward to "getting to know you" via your blog!

  9. Thanks for the nice comments and encouragement! I'm excited to be blogging and have lots more projects up my sleeve--some are already done, just not documented! I'm thrilled to have my first 10 followers. I blogworld!

  10. I am 30 minutes from Lowes, but I totally understand using what you have on hand! It all looks great!

  11. It looks great~you didn't need any help from Lowe's!

    Well done!



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