Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'Before' & Your Opinion, Please!

Other than the usual stay-at-home Mom things, you know, the cooking, cleaning, baking, organizing, bed-making, laundry, sewing, more cooking, dishes, more laundry, entertaining children, disciplining children, dressing children, helping children, changing diapers, going to the park, grocery shopping, dusting, vacuuming, meal planning... 

Yeah, other than that, I am working on a project. Thankfully we've had a warm fall and when my boys play in the yard and sandbox for an hour, Mommy works on this:

Awesome 'before' picture, isn't it?! Yes, it's a weird angle, yes it's strapped to our trailer, yes, it's parked in the barn gathering dust and critters and acting as target-practice for the barn swallows.

It's (I think) and antique tall dresser with matching vanity and mirror. We got it for FREE back in April. With the garden growing like crazy and it being a million and six degrees centipede (as dad would say), the project got put off. We did move them into the garage when we became aware of the target practice from the barn swallows. But it got covered with a sheet and crammed in the back corner behind my husband's project car! 

At last, I'm working on them. The pieces are beautiful and I would so like to keep them! I think they'd look great in the nursery. So far my other half isn't so keen on the idea as it was intended as a little income venture. 

So here's your part: I'd love to paint them pink with brown glaze to show off the shapes and detail. BUT... I'm planning to sell them and want to be safe, so I'm thinking white or off-white with the same glazing. 

What would you do?!


  1. Hey ellie!! Love that dresser- so lucky you got it for free :) I agree it would look so pretty in the pink with a glaze to bring out the details. Ooh what a lucky little girl would have that :) But I think if you are going to sell it you will have an easier time with a more neutral color... aka the white with glaze. Sad :( Either way you decide I think it will be beautiful and cannot wait to see the end result :)

  2. I'd go with white, but I'm boring and safe like that. lol They would be beautiful, though!



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